Robert Takacs

computer science student @ unibuc

technology and sciences enthusiast

web and software developer

motorsport and automobiles enjoyer



  • C / C++ programming
  • Python 3 programming
  • Java programming
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Image / Video editing
  • Extensive computer knowledge


  • HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • PHP, Laravel development
  • ReactJS development
  • jQuery and Typescript
  • Joomla! CMS management


  • Romanian and English proficiency
  • Great communication skills
  • Critical thinking and solution-based ideas
  • Good general knowledge
  • Friendly and cooperative teamworker

Latest projects


As a member of the Creative Motion team, I'm building the Rentlog application.
Sign the contract, manage payments and utilities, notify your tenants in minutes.
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Also check out my GitHub for all kinds of projects and apps that I'm working on!
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HTML Template Filler

This web application was built as a tool to assist me in building technical articles from bulk data, which is usually gathered and manipulated in .csv files. Using the app, one can write an html template and fill it in with data from a .csv sheet. Might be updated in the future to feature conditionals and such, but it is not needed for now.
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